Grant Writers

Research Associates - The Grant Experts (RA) embraces a team approach that sets us apart as we custom-develop each proposal to be high quality and comprehensive through our turn-key grant development services, working collaboratively with you to develop a program model that is specific to your needs. Our team of specialists help you achieve high success rates and maximum grant awards.

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Reach out to Cherish or John if you’re interested in working with our team of grant experts.

Cherish Mack
Marketing & Special Projects

John Wentzell, CPA
Finance Director
Grant Writers

Our expert Grant Writers craft innovative program designs and develop the heart and soul of your proposal to tell your story in powerful ways.

Budget Analysts

Our highly trained Budget Analysts develop program-driven budgets that withstand budget cuts from funders and comply with federal and program regulations.


Our team of Evaluators bring decades of experience to the evaluation design, goals, and objectives with an emphasis on ongoing feedback and continuous improvement.

Grant Strategists

Our friendly Grant Strategists serve as the glue binding your project together from start to finish ensuring that all parties stay engaged and on target for timely submission.

From Our Partners

Research Associates builds long-term partnerships through exceptional service, attention to detail, innovative best practices, and high-quality work. Partner surveys from the last five years indicate that 100% of partners would use RA again and would recommend RA to others.